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Accelerating Vietnam's Energy Transition

Our work 

We conducted comprehensive research to identify and address policy issues critical to accelerating the energy transition in Vietnam. Our activities included producing regulatory review papers on key issues like power purchase agreements and battery storage integration, holding formal and informal consultations with government bodies such as MONRE and MOIT, and providing targeted policy briefs based on our findings. We also facilitated a National Forum on “Encouraging Investment in Clean Energy,” bringing together stakeholders from government, the private sector, and other key players to discuss and refine policy options aimed at fostering investment in renewable energy.

Time Period


Client & Partner

Our impact

2024 -2025


GEAPP, The Asia Foundation

Through our efforts, we successfully established stronger collaborative relationships between government agencies and private sector stakeholders, contributing to a more cohesive approach to energy policy development. Our research and policy briefs informed government decisions, helping to align Vietnam’s regulatory framework with best regional practices and support the implementation of Power Development Plan 8. The National Forum we organized served as a pivotal event, raising awareness, building consensus among stakeholders, and increasing support for clean energy investment policies, thereby enhancing the likelihood of their successful implementation.

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