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Coal Transition Program

Our work 

In order to accelerate Vietnam's transition away from coal, PRIM has created a consortium of international lawyers, advocates, banks and power developers to conduct a comprehensive overview of Vietnam's coal sector and develope a path towards transitioning its power sector away from coal. The result has been the development of a "tool kit" that PRIM is currently applying to one of Vietnam's largest power producers to accelerate the early retirement of a coal facility. The development and application of this 'tool kit' have required PRIM to work in collaboration with multiple government ministries to develop an approach to large scale investment into Vietnam's energy transition.

Time Period


Client & Partner

Our impact

2023 - Present


State-owned enterprises and Vietnam Government

PRIM's mission is to create a viable pathway for transitioning away from coal and replacing it with over 10GW of renewable, clean, affordable energy.

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