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VBF Power & Energy Working Group

Our work 

PRIM founded and has run the Vietnam Business Forum Power and Energy Working Group since 2019 so as to provide an avenue for private sector input into energy policy. Its  advocacy programs, including but not limited to:

- Engagement of private participation to share information and advocate interests and issues in terms of power and energy.

- Provide research, legal analysis, and position papers that identify policy obstacles together with practical solutions.

- Organize capacity development for public sector/local governments for proactive decision-making and management toward Green Growth Strategy

Time Period


Client & Partner

Our impact

2019 - Present


European Climate Fund, TARA Climate Foundation, American Chamber of Commerce

VBF Power and Energy Working Group presents a single voice of all Vietnamese and International developers to the Central Government, which it meets with regularly.  VBF's PEWG ability to create consensus has been critical in supporting policy-making by offering opinions on the Government’s policies and plans, via meetings, events, and capacity building programs which promotes increases of wind, solar, and energy efficiency technology over coal power plants.

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