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PRIM is driving greener infrastructure to sustain and enhance Vietnam's dynamic economic growth

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We are transitioning to greener solutions designed to accelerate and safeguard the long-term growth of Vietnam, meet the needs of the population in a sustainable fashion, and improve the country's adaptability to the demands of climate change, gender inequality, and socio-economic development more broadly.  


We do this through early-stage project development for large-scale infrastructure, including: 

  1. Partnering with provincial and national leaders, and international agencies to conceive, design, and finance new projects at a sufficient scale of impact 

  2. Providing technical assistance for specific project concepts, e.g., conducting pre-feasibility studies on integrated infrastructure solutions, developing decarbonization strategies for economic zones, or providing corporate financial advisory services for early-stage projects 


We work with companies operating in Vietnam to find greener solutions that sit at the intersection of sustainability requirements, the domestic legal framework, and international financing standards. For instance, we have worked with the government for years to develop a Direct Power Purchase Agreement, and we have formed a consortium of companies that are implementing the behind-the-grid DPPA and continued to advocate for DPPA using the grid.

We develop the needed partnerships and technical solutions for our clients by:  

  1. Convening the best possible partners, equipment providers, and stakeholders 

  2. Providing a deep and nuanced understanding of the nature of the domestic landscape 

  3. Bringing international best practices and technical know-how in greening infrastructure 



We engage with the Vietnam Government for transitioning to a greener economy by collaborating with relevant Government authorities, the private sectors and consulting with the civil society organizations. Especially:  

  1. Participating as speakers or panelists in national forums 

  2. Providing expert opinions in the legislative design process 

  3. Designing and leading educational programming (e.g., trainings, workshops, videos)  


We offer the ability to engage with the Vietnamese market at an international standard, working with companies to unlock potential and resolve challenges in this exciting and dynamic economy. Our team has more than 50 years’ experience on the ground in Vietnam and comes with the best consulting and engineering pedigrees.

Our capabilities include:

  1. Due diligence on existing players, including investors, developers, and operators

  2. Market entry advisory and support to understand the landscape and develop the right connections

  3. Arbitration support to aid in resolving disputes

  4. Technical concepting and other related services 

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